Wednesday, January 7, 2009

here we go again

I found out that my dad might have cancer again. I am mad, scared, frustrated, anxious....but I am trying to hold out hope. As a nurse, I think it seems obvious- 3 spots lit up on the PET scan.... But I know that God can make anything happen. I am trying to be positive.

I did not work out the past 3 days. I am starting to get a virus but fighting it off pretty successfully- just a little bt of sore throat and achey-ness.

I went to the gym today- 45 minutes on the treadmill. 2 minutes run, 1 minute walk for 10 cycles, then 1 minute run (faster) and 2 minutes walk. The fastest one I did was at 7.5 mph. Afterwards, stretched, then did 15 minutes abs class with Lisl. After that was my workout with Mitch, which totally kicked my butt. We did a lot of plyometrics and muscle legs are pretty sore now!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day workout

Treadmill- 45 minutes. 5 minutes walking warmup, ran 2 minutes at 5.5, then walk 1 minute x 10. Then run 1 minute ( anywhere from 6.5- 7.0) and walk 2 minutes for 10 minutes. finished with 5 minutes walk.

abs- russian twist, flutter kicks, hands and feet crunch up to the sky, and then crunch knees and elbows toward each other.

Tomorrow Ruth Anne has a new Tread and Shred treadmill class I am going to try out....

New Years Day

It's been a few days since I posted so I'll have to try and think of what I've done since. On Sunday I did 45 minutes on the treadmill, switching back and forth between walking and running again, mostly doing 90 second intervals. Then I warmed up for 20 minutes before doing Lisl's 1 hour spin class. Definitely a hard day. I topped it off by doing 20 minutes of the Jillian Michael's wii game while Phil was out riding.

Monday, I did Sam's 1 hour spin class, in the back row with Luc. Lisl and Sam teach so differently and so they are like totally different workouts. In Sam's class it is a lot more about power.

Tuesday was a 30 minute workout with Mitch. I warmed up for 20 minutes first on the treadmill, mostly walking, adding in incline, but I did do 2 (90 second) runs. With Mitch, I did a reclined leg press(hard), hack squats one leg at a time, standing then squatting on an upside down bosu (that thing was rocking like crazy but I never fell down!). We flipped the bosu upright and I rested my hands on the bar of the squat rack, then jumped one leg then the other onto the upright bosu, sort of like the legs part of the "Iron Mike". then it was straddle on the weight bench, barbell across my shoulders, stand up then slowly sit onto the weight bench. The final exercise was sort of like a plie while holding a large (20#?) dumbell in my hands.

After the workout I had to get weighed and body fat measurement taken. Weight: 200#. Body fat: 29.3. UGH! My goal is to lose 12 pounds over the next month.

I have been very strict with my diet as well. Only eating healy except for yesterday when I had maybe about 2 handfuls of sun chips and about a cup of bread pudding.

That's it for now....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back to running

Thought I would dust off this old blog as a way to keep track of my workouts...since I am sure I am the only one to read it now!

Started running last weekend, using a beginner's plan from Runner's World. Even though I can crank it in a 1 hour spin class, I sure can't run anymore! I started out with a run 1 min/ walk 2 minutes & repeat 10x workout. I did that I think 4 times for the week.

Today, I moved it up to run 90 sec, walk 90 sec, repeat 10 times. The RW plan said to move from the first week to "run 2 minutes walk 1 minute. Repeat 10x". I wasn't sure if I could manage that, so I decided to do the 90 seconds instead. I think it worked out well, since I ended up with 15 minutes of running. After doing 40 minutes on the treadmill, I spent 20 minutes warming up in spin, then did a 1 hour spin class with Lisl. It was a great class and I ended up with a puddle of sweat under my bike.

I did pretty well foodwise today too. 2 TBSP peanut butter (roughly) before going to the gym, 2 water bottles at the gym, a bottle of lowfat choclate milk after the gym. 6 inch veggie delight on wheat for lunch. 3 clementines. 1 cup brown rice. 1 turkey burger on a wheat bun, ketchup and sweet relish on it, and about 1/2 cup sweet potato fries (weren't very good...we just baked sliced sweet potatoes and tossed with a little olive oil and sprinkled with montreal steak seasoning.

I also tried out my jillian michaels fitness ultimatum 2009 on the wii fit. spent 15 minutes, it seems like it will be an OK workout if I could just get some of the parts down. Have no idea how to get those paint balls picked up!

Monday, November 12, 2007


The Marine Corps Marathon was such an experience. We woke up at "0-dark-thirty" as my daddy says. We had to take a shuttle over to the start, and we got there very early. As in, we didn't even have to wait for the port a potties! We walked around, listened to a small prayer service led by a Marine chaplain, and found a place to do some stretching. It was horribly cold out. I was worried, but Phil had checked the weather and assured me it was supposed to warm up once the sun was out.

The corral I was in was quite a way back from the start- it took us about 20 minutes to get to the start line after the race started. Finally though, we were off, jogging through a street strewn with plastic garbage bags people had been wearing to keep warm. I was careful to step around them so I wouldn't fall.

The first few miles were tough- as usual. I don't usually feel warmed up until I've done about 10 miles. We had some hilly sections, but truly not bad compared to what I am used to, living in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains.

It was amazing how many spectators were out there, cheering for us. There were so many people that yelled "Go Patti" which always put a smile on my face! At mile five, there was a group of people that had their little dachsund with them, and it looked just like my "nephew" Gismo. So I stopped to say hi and give him a kiss! The people thought that was great and took our picture.

After mile five, we were in a place where we were running along the river- which meant the wind picked up even more. I truly was cold, my fingers felt so cold they hurt and my legs just seemed to stiffen up. It made it so hard to run. I tried to just ignore it and I kept thinking that if I tried to run a little faster my legs would get warmer and looser. That never did seem to happen, though.

The water stops were plentiful, and all run by soldiers in their BDUs. They had powerade at just about every stop, so I kept my water bottle full. They also had gu and beans, but I stuck with my beans. Phil kept trying to meet me at every point he could, and helped me keep up with eating them. I don't like eating so much when I run so it was great to have him keep up with it. He was a super help to me- just like in the rest of life!

When I got to mile ten I started to wonder if I was going to make it through the bridge closing. My legs felt like tree trunks! I also did not have my ipod and I know that would have helped me...but they were not allowed. I tried to keep motivated by thinking about my daddy, and how his chemo treatments took longer than any of my runs. I also knew he was out there on the course somewhere waiting for me.

By mile seventeen I was seriously worried I would not be able to finish the race. Phil met me and I told him I needed my windpants but he was afraid they would bother me. He ran along with me from mile seventeen to mile nineteen, just talking to me and encouraging me. Right around mile nineteen, my daddy was on the side of the road in a wheelchair, with my cousins Donna and Jim and their Grandson. I ran over to daddy and gave him a big hug and told him "This is all for you". Funny that he told me I came up so fast on him he couldn't really get a picture- because I did not feel fast at all!!

Seeing daddy at mile nineteen gave me a huge lift, and I needed it! The bridge was REALLY long! I pulled over to the side of the road to stretch, which was helpful but also was hard to start running again. I started "marking" people telling myself "just stay with them" or "see if you can pass him" etc. I needed to make little goals because having 6 miles still ahead of me seemed impossible. I also knew that somewhere up ahead, was my coach and he would be running with me at the end of the race.

Phil met me yet again and kept me going. We ran together again, just chugging along. Really, the only things that bothered me were: the tops of my feet from feeling the laces, the blister on the back of my left foot, and the tightness in my legs. I tried to ignore it and just concentrate on getting there. I wanted to get that finisher's medal!

My coach John met me with about a mile or so to go, and we went to the finish line together. While we were running there, John was talking to Phil about running a marathon. Phil had run about a half marathon just trying to keep me going! Now we just had the uphill to the finish- John and I ran across the finish line together- I was done! There were photographers at the iwo jima memorial, but frankly I was just to tired to go get my picture taken. I wanted to get to the team in training tent because daddy was waiting there for me.

How wonderful it was to go into that tent and see Daddy waiting for me! We hugged and just felt so relieved. It was all over- all the months of training, all the months of chemo. All the time of painful muscles, of exhaustion from chemo. The blisters, the needlesticks. It was over!! I was so proud to hang that medal on daddy's neck and tell him "This was all for you daddy."

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Marine Corps Marathon


Daddy finished his chemo. And I finished my marathon!!

Wow. What an adventure! I have had plenty of time to process it all, since our internet hasn't been working the last several weeks. But I think I will need to spread the posts about it over a few days.

I flew out from Greenville with my coach, John. Luckily it was a fairly smooth flight, with a minimum of turbulence. John and I chatted the whole way, which was a good thing. I took a shuttle to my hotel, and Phil and Daddy were already there. We headed out to eat and then to the expo.

The marathon expo was a bit overwhelming. Of course, you have to go, because that's where you pick up your number and chip timer, etc. But gosh was it crowded! The Marines did a fantastic job of getting things done in an orderly fashion- but I knew they would! Once inside the expo, I asked one of the Marines for a chair for daddy. He got one from behind a big curtain and was just so nice and helpful to daddy. They were all so sweet and respectful.

On Saturday, since I already had my number and all, I didn't have anything I HAD to do. So we went with my cousins Donna, Jim, and their grandson Andrew to see some sights. First, we went to the Vietnam memorial. We looked up one of my daddy's drill sergeants from basic. It was all very impressive. If I saw the wall when I was in DC as a child, I don't remember it. It is amazing to think about the number on names on that wall. Unbelievable.

We then went up to the Lincoln Memorial, since Lincoln was Phil's favorite president! (Mine- Reagan). Phil and I ran up the stairs. I took Andrew down by the water at the mall, where we talked about ducks.

We then drove over to Arlington cemetery, to see the tomb of the unknown soldier. Again, very impressive. We were lucky enough to be there when the guards put out a wreath given by a group of vets from Louisiana. The guards are just so- STRAC. As my daddy called it. This was a word I grew up with at home- I guess you could just say they looked like not a thread, not a hair, not a thing was out of place. The steps are measured, the turns, all- it is like a highly regimented dance of sorts. Just amazing.

From there, Phil and I went back to the room- to get ready for the race. The room looked like a bomb had gone off in it!

Next post, I will tell all about the race!

Monday, October 8, 2007


I have hit the peak of my training. I am now in the taper. Thank God!

On Friday, I did the longest run. 20 miles. Ouch.

I started the day with peanut butter, my food of choice before a run. Since it was twenty miles, I decided to have granola bar dipped in peanut butter for extra calories. I later learned this was a bad choice.

As usual, the first two miles were just HARD. They always are, I feel like I can't get my breathing regulated, and it seems to me with all the running I have been doing it would be easier to get started. Anyway, the weather was cooler which was nice, and I actually wore a top over my sportsbra. That only lasted about a mile and a half though. I had worn a bike jersey with a pocket in back, for my phone and sportbeans. I pulled it off and put it on a sign for a church- I figured no one would bother with it there!! At around 3 miles, I was running down Suber Mill road, where there is an old corn mill. There were also some horses in a pasture which made me smile. There were morning glories blooming all over the place and the air seemed to have a slight scent of cinnamon to it (which I love). I picked a beautiful magenta flower and put it into my hair clip- I decided that since this was a monumental day for me, I would celebrate it in style.

I ran a different route than usual- since it was 20 I wanted to try to do an out and back or a loop. I put a good chunk of the run on Buncombe road. I didn't realize that during the day there are a TON of 18 wheelers and dumptrucks on that road. NOT FUN. When I finished the run my chest and neck were gray from all the dust and exhaust.

Once I turned of of Buncombe, it was much nicer. This big chunk of the run was on backroads, including one of my favorite, Gibb Shoals Road. This is the road that has a lot of subdivisions, but tere are also big green pastures and cow farms. Hilly, but just the right amount. I tried to hit the hills better than usual. At 5 miles, Phil met me with a bottle of Gatorade. At ten miles, I was at my gym, where I picked up another bottle and used the restroom. Uh-oh- I mentioned the granola bar right? Well it gave me intestinal distress while I was running. Yup. Horrible.

I made my way down the road from the gym and my stomach really started bothering me. I was on a new road which was a really good hill- down the first half then straight up the second half. Now my legs and lungs were doing OK, but my stomach was really bothering me! I started getting cramps and thought I was going to poop myself! I ended up walking until the cramps went away. Then I would run until the cramps returned. At the end of this road, Phil and Jacob met me again, with another bottle and words of encouragement.

The rest of the "run" went like this- run til I thought I was going to go on myself, then walk til it went away. A couple times I thought I was going to have to run behind a bush!

When I got to mile 17, the blister on the back of my left heel popped open. This sent a searing pain through my foot. I felt like I could only tiptoe on that foot. I called Phil and told him and asked him to pick me up. He told me that I was only 3 miles from home, didn't I think I could make it that far? I said yes, I could, and I continued my pitiful shuffle. I did actually run on and off that last three miles, although anyone driving by would not have called that running! I was worried someone was going to pull over and ask if I needed a doctor!

I was thrilled once I got home, of course, and celebrated by climbing into a tub full of icewater. With ice cubes floating in it. UGH!! But I made it.

The total time for this suffer fest? 5 hours. Yes, 5 hours. It scares me that I won't make it across the bridge in time to finish my marathon! But all I can do is do my best. I have trained hard. I have lost weight and done the best I could. Now I just need to concentrate on doing my best and finishing!

And by the way, during all this time training for the marathon- my daddy has gone through his entire chemo regimen and is now officially in remission!!!